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The Canadian Born actress has completely consumed the viewer of the show television series, Lost Girl. Palmer Zoie Palmer an incredibly curious doctor who has a remarkably calm demeanor, and who is immensely loyal — to a fault.

Zoie Palmer

She is Not Canadian Born While the star is often introduced as being Canadian, her citizenship Zoie Palmer not achieved through birthright. She was born in Cornwell, England, and her family migrated to Canada when she was only years old.

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So, she definitely grew Zoie Palmer in Canada, but she was born British. So does she officially count as a part of the second British invasion? She Has Formal Training in the Arts Although some actors and actresses achieve their zenith in the acting world without any formal training, the vast majority have studied acting at some point in their lives.

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Zoie is Actually Gay in Real Life While Zoie Zoie Palmer a character with a gay love interest on Lost Girl, many fans were completely oblivious to the fact that the star is actually gay. She finally came out publicly inthanking her partner and producer, Alex Lalonde. Her coming out only serve to drive her popularity Zoie Palmer fans through the roof. Can you imagine Zoie Palmer, the veterinarian?

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The two are actually really close. It is not clear how long the two have been friends, but they have definitely developed a very close bond.