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January 4, Recap A group of strangers find themselves in a maze of "Escape Rooms", where they must work together to find the solution to diabolical puzzles in order to survive. Spoiler Level: None Review Exactly three years ago to the Zoey Taylor January 4ththe first Escape room premiered, with an interesting premise: A group of strangers are brought together and discover they Zoey Taylor solve a series of puzzles in order to escape with their lives and move on to the next room.

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The two leads, Ben Logan Miller and Zoey Taylor Russell make it out alive but believe that the only way they can ever really be free is to find and expose the Minos Zoey Taylor who are people who are behind it. Which brings us to the sequel, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. And so, a new set of rooms with brain twister puzzles begins.

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But where are these clues leading? Who is Sonya? Can Zoey and Ben survive again? Watch and find out. I really enjoy both these movies.

I like Zoey Taylor movies with a twist and a mystery to solve while also giving us at least one likeable hero. The performances are all fairly good, with many fan favorite actors in both films.

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Taylor is best known as Judy Robinson in the newest Lost in Space series. Indya Zoey Taylor as Brianna in the second film was the fantastic Angel in the series Pose. I originally watched the extended cut and have not scene the actual Zoey Taylor release but plan to. Final Thoughts The Escape Room movie series is a fun and thrilling set of films, with empathetic characters and intriguing puzzles. It does tend to be a bit formulaic, but for a horror film, it is quite enjoyable.

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