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Big cocks look significantly huge in their mouths and they seem to break them in half when the guys start to drill them. Zoey Kush is exactly that type of young porn star.

And she looks so young. She is a hot Latina from Ecuador, but she also has European descents.

Natalia Cigliuti

She has skinny legs and arms, a tight ass, a think waist and a face that would make you think she wears braces. Her attitude is the one at the halfway between a nerdy girl and a slutty cheerleader! Young and Experienced Zoey is not some new babe who wants to try the porn industry and Zoey Kush about the life of a porn diva. She is a hard working girl who knew how to manage herself and Zoey Kush adult career.

Autumn Ivy

She entered the business when she was only Now, she has 6 years of experience, and she plans to go further. She is still waiting for her body to define, so that she can get breasts implant become a vixen. However, she will always remain a legend Zoey Kush the teen niche. Although she is a petite babe with a tight ass, Zoey is forceful enough to try anal on screen.

Watching her getting drilled will make you wonder how is even possible to fifth such large cocks in such a tight butt hole. She is still to be double penetrated by two cocks, but she tried it with dildos Zoey Kush a dildo and a cock.

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Zoey Is a Mommy! For the moment, her porn career is on hold, as Zoey became a mother.

She is the proud mommy of a baby boy born just a couple of weeks prior to writing this review. She just needs some time to adjust with the mommy lifestyle. Prior to getting pregnant, Zoey Kush had a well though Zoey Kush.

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For Zoey Kush, the porn world is a good business. She wants to go on in this industry as much as she can, and gain as much popularity. Her plan is to use that popularity and open up a massage school.

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