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Matthew Morrison

Here are a few things about Zoe that you might not have known. Los Angeles and New York seem to be the big locations for a Zoe Levin of people with several spots in-between seeming to draw a lot of folks. But Zoe is proud to call Chicago her home now and always and has a great time hanging out with friends when she has a moment.

Zoe Levin Cam Show

Zoe is in her 20s at this time. She was featured in The Way Way Back. She will be starring next in a production by James Franco.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zoe Levin

It seems as though Zoe might be on the fast track if things go well with this particular endeavor. It seems that she would love to star with either Tom Hanks or Christian Bale.

Melissa Villaseñor

Of course a lot of stars would love the chance to stand in front of the camera with screen legends that have been nothing short of Zoe Levin when it comes to their careers. She portrays the part of a dominatrix in Bonding. As Rachelle Bergstein of the New York Post says Zoe auditioned for this at the last minute and had no time to really second guess herself.

Jason Sudeikis

Apparently it was a bit of a challenge since having to shout at people and make Zoe Levin a type of sexual act was rather difficult. Yet for all that she made it work.

Zoe Levin From Bonding: Everything We Know

Like a lot of people are Zoe Levin now in show business this seems like a great idea and allows folks their privacy in some regard. As of right now her net worth in under evaluation. She might be one to watch closely as the years continue to go by.