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She starred in one of the best romantic comedy movies Zoe Kazan recent years. In The Big Sick, Kazan plays Emily, a psychology student who is placed in a medically induced coma soon after breaking up with aspiring stand-up comedian Kumail Kumail Nanjiani.

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Remarkably, the story is based on Nanjiani’s real-life romance with Emily V. Gordon, with whom he wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay. She’s no stranger to Zoe Kazan Western, either. She’s a talented screenwriter.

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Kazan wrote the ingenious indie movie Ruby Sparks, in Zoe Kazan she stars opposite husband Paul Dano. Dano plays an anxious novelist whose fictional character Ruby Sparks Kazan comes to life and, much to his confusion, becomes increasingly independent. Kazan also co-wrote the screenplay to Dano’s wistful directorial debut, ‘s Wildlife, in which Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal portray a s couple whose Zoe Kazan is breaking down. Both films picked up nominations at the Independent Spirit Awards.

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She comes from a family of writers and filmmakers. Together, her parents Nicholas Kazan and Robin Swicord wrote the screenplay to the beloved movie adaptation of Roald Zoe Kazan Matilda. She makes consistently interesting acting choices. Based on a novel by Philip Roth, it imagines an Zoe Kazan version of American history where a xenophobic populist called Charles Lindbergh Ben Cole rises through the political system to become President.

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Kazan plays Bess Levin, a working-class Jewish mother from Newark whose family is grimly impacted by Lindbergh’s increasingly fascist policies. Zoe Kazan imagines the world after an environmental disaster, where nature is now simulated through brain-implanted chips, and fertility is regulated to keep the surviving population in balance. She’s been speaking out about sexual harassment for years.


You know, be flirty with a director or a producer. You feel like, if you said something, it would reflect badly Zoe Kazan you. Inshe wrote a powerful op-ed about overcoming her eating disorder for the New York Times. She doesn’t gloss over the challenges of working with her husband.

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And finally, she tells it like it is. During this really funny interview on Stephen Colbert’s chat show, Kazan gets real about how boring it is to pretend you’re in a coma for days on end. Do you have a favorite Zoe Kazan project? Latest Videos.