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What Zoë Bell From Death Proof Is Doing Now

She is a stuntwoman and actress from New Zealand. She starred as the lead in the Crackle web series Angel of Death and she is probably best recognized for playing herself in the Quentin Tarantino film, Death Proof As a youngster, she participated Zoe Bell competitive gymnastics and at the age of 15, she began studying Taekwon-Do. She also participated in dance, high diving, scuba, and track and field activities.

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Bell began her career in when her father, who is a doctor, treated a stuntman for a head injury. Her first stunt job was jumping out of a car Zoe Bell Shortland Street, a New Zealand soap opera.

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She fractured vertebrae in her back doing wire work on the show, but continued working for a week until another stunt, in which a breakaway chair was smashed on her back, incapacitated her. After Xena, she Zoe Bell a number of small films and TV stunt work, including stunt coordinating and playing a small role in a short film Reflections with Adrienne Wilkinson with whom she had previously worked on Xena. Bell required surgery and spent several months recuperating.

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Tarantino was so impressed with her work in Kill Bill, that he cast her in a leading role in his next film, Death Proof She played herself Zoe Bell this movie and she performed her own stunts. Inthe documentary Double Dare was released.

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It focused primarily on Bell and veteran stuntwoman Jeannie Epperas it followed them during their travails in Hollywood. Her Best High Work nomination was Zoe Bell a fall of over feet in the film Catwoman In OctoberVariety reported that Bell would appear in the film Gamerstarring Gerard Butler; the movie was later renamed Gamer.

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She stated in interviews that the role required a little acting and some stunt work.