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Allen on your radar…listen….

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We have her on ours! We are huge fans of Virgin River Zibby Allen jumped at the chance to speak with Allen. Allen is no stranger to landing a role on a hit show.

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Farm, Agents of S. The musical duo released their first album in I Love You Overall and there is a second album on the horizon. Allen is also developing a Zibby Allen project with Marianna Palka actress, producer, director, writer and Alyshia Ochse actress, producer, writer.

Her mom told her tearful daughter if she still felt the same at eight, she would allow her Zibby Allen pursue acting. Allen never wavered, the day she turned eight she began taking lessons.

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During our time talking, Allen reflected on her pride and appreciation for every step of her acting journey. Photo Credit: Netflix We were immediately taken in by Allen and her portrayal of Brie the smart, high-powered attorney and younger sister of Jack Sheridan who comes to Zibby Allen River harboring a secret.

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Zibby Allen writers did an excellent job with her storyline. Bit by bit they dropped a few breadcrumbs at a time as the audience wondered what Brie was hiding. I like the build-up from the writers. It is sort of complex. I was grateful to have such wonderful material to work with. It was complex and honestly, a bit intimidating initially. The writers did a great setup. Once everything is revealed you can see how all the pieces fall in place.

During our interview, Benjamin teased Brady getting a love interest so our curiosity was already piqued for a romance for Brady. Let us tell Zibby Allen that Brady and Brie bring the heat! The show already has the hugely popular pairing, rightfully so, with Jack Martin Henderson and Mel Alexandra Breckenridge.

It can. Brady and Brie are fire. Brie is trying to gain back her sense of Zibby Allen by coming to Virgin River and leaving what happened behind her.

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How they feel for each other caught them both off guard. You Zibby Allen these two broken people looking to find solace and comfort in one another. Here is a fun fact. I was kind of surprised it was happening so fast. But the two of us agreed right off the bat to put our trust in one another, have fun and commit to these characters.

Because of this, working with Benjamin was safe and really fun. There can be long, dry spells no matter how good you are. I have never been one to Zibby Allen around and wait for the phone to ring. And Zibby Allen love being a part of that.

So, I just naturally took to writing my own material and collaborating with other people. The enterprising trio of Allen, Marianna Palka, and Alyshia Ochse are developing an exciting podcast for television. The project is about American journalist, newspaper editor, and editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Herald in the s, Agnes Underwood, who was the first editor in chief of any newspaper.

In addition, Socks and Chimes are working on a new album. I love music. You can literally just pick up an instrument and play or pick up a microphone and sing. It is yours and yours alone. My partner and dear friend Ian and I started making music years ago.

I would describe our sound as whimsical, indie, and a bit unpolished. We embrace who we are. We love singing together and we just let our love for music be the thing. We released our first album ten years ago, and album number two is in the works and we plan to have it out by early next year. We have plans for the album. Right now, I am excited about the upcoming album, the podcast project, and of course Virgin River.