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House: After being the social media star, Woah Vicky is living a luxurious lifestyle. In she bought her dream house which is located in one of the posh areas of Puerto Rico. This lavish house is fully designed Whoa Vicky many amazing features.

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Endorsement: Woah Vicky is one of the successful models and social media sensations due to which she is an outstanding choice when it comes to brand promotions and advertisements. Woah Whoa Vicky endorsing many top-class brands on her social media accounts. Apart from that, Woah Vicky also launched her own merchandise store where she sells t-shirts, Hip Hop Chainz, hoodies, Grillz, iPhone cases, beanies, and ski masks.

Woah Vicky Net Worth (2022): Income, Salary, Career, Bio

How much money does Woah Vicky make in a year? How old is Woah Vicky? How tall is Woah Vicky? Woah Vicky’s height is 5.

Is Woah Vicky in a relationship? As of Woah Vicky is single and not dating anyone.

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Who is Woah Vicky? Instagram star Victoria Waldrip aka Icky Vicky explained

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