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Venus Angelic Height, Age, Net Worth, Affair, Career, And More

Her current status is rather ambiguous, though there are suspicions as to her and Manaki (recently dubbed “Pluto”) still being in a relationship. Sometimes you just have to marry someone prematurely to get away from your mum. Angelic made her appearance in many talk shows and her mother and has expressed her journey from being an average girl to becoming a social media star. According to her social media account, Angelic met with Manaki Okado on an online platform. Venus Angelic is a famous social media star who has a massive fanbase.

What Happened to Venus Angelic? Why Did She Make an OnlyFans? – Distractify

What Happened to Venus Angelic? Why Did She Make an OnlyFans?.

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Her stitches collapsed and closed-off part of her stomach, and she needed emergency surgery to fix her stomach. For her weight loss surgery, she contacted over fifty doctors from around the world. Venus Angelic is a Swiss YouTube personality famous for her doll-like appearance. Venus Angelic posts makeup tutorials and also the occasional food challenge video.

Venus Angelic undergone serious character development, as

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Apparently, he also had an obsession for dolls and frills, and started following Venus when he discovered her channel. They spoke online and finally met physically when he went to meet Venus and her mother in Disneyland. She also announced on her channel that she would set up an OnlyFans account, a subscription-based platform, which has an age limit. After a while, she officially announced that she would be making an OnlyFans account. Her videos were comprised of makeup tutorials and beauty tips to make you look more doll-like.

  • You can calculate it by adding up all of your assets and subtracting all of your liabilities .
  • Over the years, Venus has undergone serious character development, as she moved from being “the barbie doll”, to creating adult content on a subscription-based platform.
  • While she continues to share more details of her daily life, she hardly speaks of her life before fame.
  • He took her to his birthday party, a maid cafe, Disney Land, and various restaurants in an attempt to woo his young bride, but nothing worked.
  • She even started to appear Japanese due to makeup and dresses.
  • She was born to Margaret but has not revealed her father’s name.

This is simply because of her doll-like appearance and also because of her exceptional makeup tutorials. Venus’ entire career is based on digital content creation, although the platforms where she uploads content vary. She started her YouTube channel in May 2022, firstly posting a dance video and went on to share other content, focusing on Japanese culture. After some time, she began sharing tips on achieving the perfect make-up through tutorials and DIYs,. From time to time, she would recreate looks of famous cartoon/anime characters such as Cinderella, Elsa, Rapunzel and many more. Eventually, fans began to notice that Venus’ mom had what appeared to be an unhealthy amount of control over the content her daughter posted, leading to them calling her Mother out.

Interesting Facts About Venus Angelic

Wanting people to accept that she was simply ‘naturally skinny,’ Venus kept her surgery a secret for almost two years. It was found the stitches had collapsed, meaning food was going into the closed-off part of her stomach, and she required emergency surgery to fix her stomach. At first, she declares, the surgery was a success, and she succeeded in maintaining a weight of 8st and 4lbs. In December 2022, Palermo started a romantic relationship with Japanese national Manaki Okada. They married in December 2022, and Palermo subsequently emigrated to Japan in February 2022.

Sometimes, bullies tease her due to looks, but she does not take it in her heart. When Venus was ten years old, she and her parents went to Japan. She immediately fell in love with the country and culture of Japan. She even started to appear Japanese due to makeup and dresses. She contacted over 50 doctors for a weight reduction surgery – all but one declined to perform the surgery as it would pose a serious risk to her health. In 2022, she traveled to South Korea to have the procedure performed by the one doctor who agreed to it.