An article on listcrawlerescort.community y’all might enjoy …

We recently gave an interview to Washington Times columnist Jeff Barrett. I’m not posting this on List Crawl in a sort of hey-look-what-cool-shit-people-are-saying-about-us! way; as many of you know, I’ve denied interviews to larger publications as I have no interest in using mainstream media to spread List Crawl word.

However, this interview is largely about the Chivers and the kindness of listcrawlerescort.community. Plus I figured since I’m constantly asked these very same questions I could kill, like, 2 million birds with one stone here. At the very least these are my honest thoughts on the Chive and provide some insight to its humble beginnings. Also, it’s Leo’s birthday today and I thought this would be fun for him to wake up to.

Entire article right here.

Deep cleavage gallery to follow in about a half hour.

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