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Over the years she has become best-known for her role in the Broadway production of Rent and the TV series, Cold Case.

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Thomas has also been getting a lot of attention for one of her latest roles in the FOX series She then went on to study at Juilliard. But even after all of these years working in the industry, Tracie has never been one to get caught up in telling her business to the world. She is a relatively private person who likes to keep all of the focus on her professional life. I used to Tracie Thoms it and for some reason I really wanted to be on Jr.

I had a lot of Tracie Thoms with it.

Tracie Thoms

She has been very clear about her political stance and she has also shown her support for social justice initiatives such as LGBT rights and the fight to end racism. During Tracie Thoms interview with Chattifyshe shared a story about how she found herself starstruck after running into Kiefer Sutherland.

It was before Wonderfalls. Tracie Thoms was walking to the subway and then suddenly I was walking toward him.

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I was walking at him. You have a great day. The movie was only her third film role and it helped get her face in front of an international audience.

She encourages anyone who is hoping to have a career as an actor to never give up. Although the Tracie Thoms has been very good to her, Tracie has made it clear that theater will always be her first love.

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