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Toxic Clan

Watch short videos about #toxicrickclan on TikTok. The average clanner or solo player are just alright people. Most people who bitch on the sub reddit are doing so to just discredit a clan after they did something dumb to said clan.

Counting On’s Jill Duggar Recalls “Toxic” Relationship With Dad Jim Bob Duggar – E! NEWS

Counting On’s Jill Duggar Recalls “Toxic” Relationship With Dad Jim Bob Duggar.

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Toxic Clan is a competitive clan that is going for that number one spot. We will compete in fortnite scrims or just play for fun we accept player from all plat forms as well. The only top ranked US & EU 18+ community on LFC. We take pride in only recruiting mature adults who are looking to casually game after a long day of work. Our drama-free, professional organization is here to help you find that new online space to call home.

How To Deal With Clan Toxicity?

No reason to stay and try to talk sense into people like that, they’ll never change. It usually only takes 1-2 people being toxic like that and then another handful will feed off of it, and just make a group unbearable. So if you’re founder/admin you should consider kicking the people that are the problem.

Toxic Clan Most people who bitch
  • Ive seen drama where a clan got mad at a solo player and destroyed his tank.
  • So if you stay away from those clans and all the potential shittiness, your experience will be fine.
  • I am good with a gun and looking to have fun and enjoy the end game which I have just got to.
  • Its hard to attract new blood when your pissing off all the randoms, all while your current members are burning out thanks to the nature of the game.

You’ll find both parties can work it out. It’s like a petri dish of potential toxicity that can explode at any point. Even if they are friends, leave, because they aren’t actually friends.


I havent had any bad experiences with clans personally. My friends and I are in awe at how friendly the community is. At the same time people tend to poke the bear with clans too.