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Yuma won the Duel after eating Tombo’s tomatoes, making Tori happy that she didn’t have to be a tomato image girl. The day after Yuma rescued Astral from Kite, Tori was late for school but ran into Yuma and their other friends showcasing how Yuma’s personality had influenced them all into behaving like him. As they talked, they heard the schools bells ring, causing them to run toward school. While running down a staircase, Flip and Caswell tripped over but time stopped due to Kite finding out what "Numbers" Yuma had obtained. When time restarted, Flip and Caswell fell down the stairs, shocking Tori, but she was more concerned towards where Yuma has disappeared to.

Tori Black Tumblr and cheer
  • After Yuma fell into a state of depression, Tori and Bronk visited him to try and cheer him up by informing him about the new tournament occurring within Heartland, the World Duel Carnival.
  • When Tori asked Spencer what he was doing, he explained that Flip told him to do it.
  • As Yuma’s Duel with Kaze continued, Haru and Kari show up in order to see how Yuma was doing.
  • They were then shouted at by a Heartland construction worker, causing them to all exit the Heartland construction site quickly while apologizing.

After Rio is resurrected by the Numeron Code as a human by Astral, their friendship is once more restored, regardless of Tori not seeing it to have been broken. After the exhausting occurrence of being chased around Heartland by Anna, Tori and Yuma decided to stop for a snack. Yuma began to shove his Duel meals down without biting which Tori told him off for, but before he could eat his second rice ball, a passing bird stole it.

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Haru covered her mouth and laughed, which made Tori blush and become very much flustered while putting her hands to her cheeks. When Yuma asked Tori if she splashed him to try making him feel better, she blushes while trying to deny it . When Girag brainwashed several students to attack Yuma and Ray, she was talking with Rio, who sensed the attack. As Yuma was to be overwhelmed, Alito appeared, and in a single turn, defeated all the brainwashed students in a Duel. He then revealed himself to be a Barian, and Dueled Yuma as Tori looked on. Tori and Bronk were with Yuma when Girag approached them, asking Yuma and Ray to meet him so that he could Duel them, stating that Ray had attacked Alito.

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She also tagged along with Tori when they attempted to travel to the Barian World and both cheered on their friends in their Duels. Rio is also shown to care about Tori, as Rio offered her a lollipop when she began to worry about Yuma, Shark and Kite, who left for Number 46’s Ruins without them. Like Yuma, Tori was hurt by Rio and Sharks’s betrayal when they joined the Barians, but could not give herself to resent her, as she still valued Rio as a close friend, and grew to be visibly upset when Vector absorbed her.