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The intention of this platform is to assist visitors in finding native and right development companies for their next app development projects. Here the buyers may compare all the listed developers which will assist them in identifying a suitable App Development Company for their project. Markiplier has been on YouTube for a long time, best known for breaking down and explaining video games. In 2022 and 2022, Markiplier took things a step further when he founded a new channel along with his friend Ethan Nestor to show vlogs and funny stunts. This earned them a great value on the internet, with Markiplier’s net worth reaching $19.5 million.

Modern Luxury‘s Top 100 Social Media Creators of 2022 – Gotham Modern Luxury

Modern Luxury‘s Top 100 Social Media Creators of 2022.

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Additionally, he has published his graphic novel and starred in a web series. Author of the highly successful novels turned movie adaptations The Fault In Our Stars and Looking For Alaska, John Green runs a YouTube channel with his brother Hank called Vlogbrothers. The author and YouTuber only has a net worth of $5 million even though he makes educational and successful videos on two separate YouTube channels. While the channel saw a steep fall at the beginning of 2022, they rose to fame after releasing a movie in 2022 with Lionsgate.

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Artists who reflected culture and tapped into the language of the Internet saw chart-topping wins.