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The red Thea Trinidad cover is down. Kayla congratulates her on hitting days in her title reign, and asks how she sees the next days playing out. The music interrupts and out comes Carmella. Carmella mocks Belair on her days milestone, congratulating her. Fans boo.

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The boos continue Thea Trinidad Carmella as she enters the ring now. Carmella makes excuses for her Rolling Loud loss. The music interrupts and out comes Zelina Vega. She calls for her music to be cut and says Carmella better slow her roll because we all know Carmella is too pretty to be a third time loser. Vega Thea Trinidad what she wants to say to Belair, she will say it in her face. Vega enters the ring now. Some fans boo. Vega tells Belair to accept her challenge.

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Carmella shoves Belair down from behind with a cheap shot. Vega and Carmella double team Belair now, beating her around the ring. The music hits and out comes Sasha Thea Trinidad to a huge Thea Trinidad. Banks makes her return and rushes the ring, dropping Carmella first, then Vega.

She hits Carmella with the running double knees in the corner, then levels Vega again. Banks helps Belair up to her feet and hugs her as fans cheer them on.

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Banks plays to the crowd as they cheer her on. Belair applauds.

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Carmella and Zelina Vega are already waiting in the ring. Out next comes Sasha Banks to a bigger pop.

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She poses on the apron as pyro goes off. The bell rings and Belair dropkicks Carmella Thea Trinidad start, then kips up. Banks covers for a quick count. Carmella turns it around and covers Banks for a 2 count. Vega ends up coming in but Banks and Belair nail double dropkicks to their opponents.

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Baseball slides are next as the babyfaces keep control. Banks stands on the steel ring steps now, allowing Banks to press her high in the air above her head. Belair comes off the Thea Trinidad and launches Banks onto Vega and Carmella at ringside.

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Banks and Belair stand tall at ringside as fans cheer them on. Back to commercial. Back from the break and Vega is in control of Belair now. Vega with a standing submission in the middle of the ring. Belair gets out but Vega sends Thea Trinidad into the turnbuckles.

Thea Trinidad has grand plans after shock WWE return

She taunts Banks. Vega works Belair over and applies another submission. Belair breaks free and drops Vega with a backbreaker. Banks Thea Trinidad Vega with a Meteora, then knocks Carmella Thea Trinidad the apron, then delivers two dropkicks to Vega. Banks goes to the top and hits the Frogsplash but Carmella breaks the pin with a kick to the face.

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Carmella kicks Banks from the mat. Carmella drops Banks on her face for a 2 count as Belair makes the save. Vega attacks Belair but Belair fights her to the floor. Banks counters a Facebuster by Carmella in the middle of the ring. They tangle Thea Trinidad Banks catches her in the Backstabber, then the Bank Thea Trinidad for the submission win. We go to replays. Banks and Belair continue dancing around the ring until Banks drops her out of nowhere with a Backstabber. Fans go wild.

Banks grabs the title but drops it to mount Belair with right hands. Some fans in the crowd are shocked as the camera focuses on them. Belair screams out as the referee tries to break the hold. Fans continue to boo Banks as Belair cries out. Banks applies the submission again, yelling at Belair and rag-dolling her, ranting about how Belair is only here because of her.

Belair is screaming Thea Trinidad and tapping but Banks keeps the hold locked in. The boos continue and the referee tries to get Banks to break the hold as SmackDown goes off the air.