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It also details the ensuing police investigations, and how Taylor Wright victim is ensured justice. In one such episode, the murder of Taylor Wright is discussed, and we breakdown the events that led to the tragic incident in this article. How Did Taylor Wright Die? Taylor Wright was a year-old private investigator at the time of her murder.

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Before that, the mother had worked as a police officer and was in the middle Taylor Wright divorce proceedings. Her body was found on a remote farm in Florida after she had been shot in the back of her head.

Ashley Mcarthur Found Guilty Of Killing Private Investigator Taylor Wright

Then, concrete and potting soil was used to bury her on the edge of a farm on Britt Road Taylor Wright North Pensacola. They did not suspect foul play as she had allegedly texted a friend stating that she needed some Taylor Wright to figure out her life. The two were communicating via text until am, but after that, the victim stopped responding. Who Killed Taylor Wright? Ashley Britt McArthur was eventually convicted of the crime.

Ashley Mcarthur Found Guilty Of Killing Private Investigator Taylor Wright

She was a former crime scene technician. Reportedly, the two were best friends. Image Credit: pnj. News outlets also stated that the money had been spent since then.

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Apparently, she bought a boat for Brandon Beaty, a man she had an affair with. She was seen purchasing potting soil and concrete. Post this, McArthur stated that they returned to her house, and claimed that Taylor then booked an Uber to go to a bar.

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She also described the victim as a person who was tough as nails and not an easy target. The phone records, however, painted a different story. Many witnesses during the trial stated that McArthur spoke of explicit plans to kill Taylor, especially using cocaine. They asserted that since she was a crime scene technician, she would Taylor Wright what Taylor Wright to avoid making.

Taylor Wright’s Murder: Who Killed Her? How Did She Die?

Eventually, a jury found the defendant guilty of first-degree premeditated murder. She was sentenced to life in prison, which is the mandatory minimum verdict in such a situation. But this was not her only conviction, as she was also found guilty on charges of racketeering and fraud in a separate case. For Taylor Wright, she was awarded a 7-year sentence with 3 years on probation.

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