Misty Copeland Companion Delaware

Follow November 1, Ina year-old Misty Copeland noticed an image that would help shape her future: Lauren Misty Copelandthe first Black principal dancer with Houston Ballet, on the cover of Dance Magazine. Copeland, then a pre-professional ballet student, was awestruck. She had wanted to write Black Ballerinas for over a decade. It came together during…

Rachel True Companion Dorset

Rachel True

Rachel True Reflects On 25 Years Of ‘The Craft’ And Being A Tarot Practitioner And Advocate Twenty-five years ago came the release of The Craft, a teen supernatural Rachel True film that centered around four outcast teenage girls who pursue witchcraft. The latter is an issue explored through one of the four teens: Rochelle Zimmerman….

Janelle Monáe Companion British Columbia

Janelle Monáe

Janelle released her first music a demo titled The Audition in Three years later she formed a joint venture with her own label Wondaland Records and P. In recent years, Janelle has stepped into acting with roles in Moonlight, Hidden Figures, and the Amazon series Homecoming. After a transformative skydiving experience, Janelle decided to open…