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New Zealand About Suzy Amis Cameron A noted environmental leader, business pioneer, mom of five and grandma, Suzy Amis Cameron is committed to caring for our wild, living Earth, with a focus on plant-based food to address climate change. Suzy Amis is honored to be a Global Visionary for UBS as she inspires leaders across the world Suzy Amis create impactful change for our planet.

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Suzy Amisshe launched Red Carpet Green Dressa global sustainable fashion campaign showcasing environmentally responsible fashions in partnership with The Oscars. For the OMD Movement, that opportunity for change is at the intersection of food, health and the environment.

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The OMD Movement is about resourcing individuals — with tools, encouragement and real talk — to migrate to climate-friendly, plant-based diets. Suzy initiated a seed-to-fork approach, which led to the formation of a vertically-integrated food company, from the development of seeds, the farming of ingredients, the processing of proteins and the advent of a holistic, Suzy Amis food company: OMD Foods.

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Grocery items include gluten-free baking supplies, nut milks and nut cheeses, dairy-free yogurts and sauces and specialty teas, fresh coffee beans, and gourmet chocolate. Ongoing events and classes will also be offered to the community. This innovative, holistic, private school was created with the mission to inspire and prepare young people to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet.

MUSE School, located in Calabasas, California, is an Suzy Amis recognized, award-winning Suzy Amis, a high-performance learning lab that focuses on eco-literacy and serves as a beacon of sustainable living and design founded in by Suzy Amis Cameron and her husband, James Cameron.

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Throughout its journey over the Suzy Amis 15 years, the mission and innovative educational philosophy of MUSE School is now accessible to students everywhere. As a K school, MUSE School drew national and worldwide recognition for its innovative approach to education, fostering graduates who become bold leaders who are engaged with the world around them.

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MUSE School includes two thriving, fully Suzy Amis campuses and 12 years of curriculum development. Ultimately, MUSE inspires and prepares young people to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet. PPTF also spearheaded the My Plate, My Planet initiative, representing over leading Suzy Amis and health organizations, in support of the historic opportunity to link food and the environment in the U. Dietary Guidelines.

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Currently, Plant Power Task Force is supporting media and Suzy Amis work to increase awareness on the impact of global meat consumption and promote plant-based food solutions to climate change. Amis Cameron seized the moment, with the global success of the movie Avatar, created by her husband James Cameron, and chose the Academy Awards as a launch pad for Red Carpet Green Dress. For six years running, the positive fashion campaign Suzy Amis design contest has challenged designers and students worldwide to create an Oscar-worthy dress and tuxedo using environmentally and socially responsible fabrics.

Since its inception, the winning designs have been worn by celebrities, graced the Academy Awards and been featured extensively in the international press.

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