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Not that things were so terrible in my childhood, I just happened to be a kid who cherished the enchantment of books and movies and plays and cloaking myself in the magic of transformation.

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I immediately found that I adored wielding Suzie Plakson via brilliant writing best of all. I still long to surf the waves of laughter rolling in from Suzie Plakson live audience. I am still ravenous for period pieces today. I was also molecularly obsessed with old Hollywood movies. When I first started out on my acting journey in NYC, the walls of my tiny studio were lined with old movie stars.

I went to Northwestern University, having applied nowhere else. Left a year early, transferred to NYU, stayed two weeks, dropped out, and hit the ground running — into 63, Suzie Plakson walls throughout the 7 years I lived there. My studio actually faced a brick wall.

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I know — worst feng shui on record. While touring the country in a musical, a turn of events Suzie Plakson me off in Hollywood. I switched coasts and followed the work and consider myself fortunate to have been able to make a living as an actor.

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Here are the particulars thereof. I have played regularly, recurringly, and fleetingly: A curmudgeonly sportswriter on Love and War. A smartass pawnshop owner on Bones. A jailed art dealer on Eli Stone. A gay gynecologist on Mad About You. A nasty ex-wife on Everybody Loves Raymond. A narcissistic psychiatrist on Bette. A personal assistant in Wag the Dog. A smart alec Suzie Plakson attendant in RedEye.

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A disgruntled engineer in Disclosure. A slightly schizo circus hostess in Bingo. A temperamental soulmate in Private Lives. A crowd of characters doing improv.

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A histrionic marquise in LaBete on Broadway. A voice for a blue brontosaurus real estate agent on Dinosaurs, in addition to many guest dinosaurs. Ye Olde Acting Demo:.