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I was called Suzi Soul, way way back when I was I was the front person. He said it. Suzi Quatro brought up Suzi Soul. You toured with Alice Cooper. Do you think that makes a difference in how people saw Suzi Quatro? Ad Ad — content continues below I think they always see me as real. It Suzi Quatro that my name is real. I am not manufactured. When I went to the first premiere and I saw it for the first time on the big screen, with an audience, I snuck in.

Nobody knew it and Suzi Quatro was sitting on the edge. I was crying my eyes out, because it touched me. How beautiful it was. I did all that? Oh, wow. Ad Ad — content continues below I have heard from many people through the years. What surprised me was the depth of their feeling. You could feel it. It was from the feet up. Everybody that spoke in that film wanted to speak in that film and they meant it. And that sincerity is what makes me humble.

So my path is my path. I did what I did. I stand proud on that. Can I ask you about Suzi Quatro [biopic] movie or is it still under wraps? We are writing the script at the moment. The money is in place. Are you writing new songs for it?

Ad Ad — content continues below Yes, I would like to. You were thrust into the glam scene with Marc Bolan and David Bowie but did you see yourself as anti-glam? Suzi Quatro, totally. I had no makeup on. I had a plain black leather suit on and one Suzi Quatro in the height of the platform era. I was a rock and roller. It makes me laugh.

Suzi Quatro Talks Leather and Legacy Ahead of Documentary

A few people made a few comments. So what? Here I am. All these years later, 55 years in the business. But there is a scene where someone asks you to turn around and smacks you on the ass. Ad Suzi Quatro — content Suzi Quatro below A lady might have. I think he took his chance. And that went through my head.

What do I do? A lot of young men or boys looked at you the same way that girls would have looked at David Cassidy.

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I have had this discussion with a lot of my colleagues. Did it look like I was trying to be sexy? I never went out there looking to be sexy. Tell me about jamming with great musicians. That was, wow.

Suzi Quatro rocks on at 70, hasn’t lost a beat

Good looking boy. Mickie thought about maybe having him join my band.

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This was before he was famous as a solo artist. Ad Ad — content continues below Oh, totally different. I have to call on my background Suzi Quatro classical piano and my upbringing with my father as a musician. It was great to do. I do it from my toes up and with everything I have in me. I wanted to write about her.

I wanted to play her. And I did both.

Suzi Quatro Says ‘Perfect Storm’ Led to New Album

Yeah, totally different, but luckily, Suzi Quatro was raised in music so I had access to classical piano. Then I had access to my own. My range is wide. I found it no problem, whatsoever, to Suzi Quatro a musical for the theater. When you were doing Annie Get Your Gun, did that give you an idea that maybe you should try different ideas with your songwriting?

That was just a big part of my upbringing. I love musicals. I was raised on it. I wanted to write a musical for a long time. I thought that would be interesting to use all my training. And then I found Tallulah.

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I can play her and I can write about her. Love it. She was great.

Suzi Quatro Talks Leather and Legacy Ahead of Documentary | Den of Geek

And I love Joanna Lumley. A class Suzi Quatro. Still not, no. I have had praise for No Control, the album, big praise from both Nancy and Patti. They just thought it was fabulous. She never had a problem Suzi Quatro it, and my brother too. Everybody in the documentary had the chance to speak their mind. The director asked what he wanted to ask, and they gave the answers.

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I always felt that Suzi Quatro was going to be picked out. I knew that I had to go away, find my voice, be by myself, and be who I am without anybody else.

Suzi Quatro Cam Show

That was my path and I knew Suzi Quatro, deep down. I never regretted my decision. Emotionally, it was hard, sure. But professionally, when that chance came, I took it. And I think anybody would. Utopia Distribution will hold a virtual event on July 1.