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Of course, you could say she was Succession-style born into her line of work minus the familial backstabbing. Soon, Hoffs had her own punk project, at first called the Colours, then the Bangs, and finally the Bangles, which she co-founded with Debbi Peterson on drums and Vicki Peterson on guitar.

These days, Hoffs is getting Susanna Hoffs to release another covers record, this time minus Sweet. As a baby, my mother was always playing the radio. And as I began to play music myself, my uncle put a guitar in my hands when I was like six or seven years old, or maybe eight.

And of course Beatles records. My mother had a friend who worked at Susanna Hoffs Records, so we got all the Beatles records straight from Capitol right when they came out. And my brothers and I — I have an older brother named John and a younger brother named Jesse — we would sing along to those records and we were completely smitten with the Beatles. So all of these various musical Susanna Hoffs from my childhood kind of have informed my journey as a musician.

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I ended up writing songs Susanna Hoffs I started to really look at being a musician professionally after college, with David Roback, who was my Susanna Hoffs musical partner. He went on to do the Rain Parade and Mazzy Star. And our paths have crossed many times. I have actually performed and sung with Aimee quite a bit in recent years.

And so when I set about making this record, which I kind of cobbled together a couple of songs here, a couple of songs there, working with Paul Bryan, who actually has produced the last few Aimee Mann records and plays in her band often, it just came up.

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I have this feeling she would like singing this song and loves this song as much as Susanna Hoffs do. Starring In Stony Island How seriously did you consider acting when you were still a late teenager? You had this moment as a college student where you popped up in a few films, before the Bangles formed.

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And I grew up in a family where going to the movies was a major Susanna Hoffs of our lives. My other great love is cinema. But I really love all the arts.

My mother was a painter starting out, [and] she became a screenwriter. It was a really nice childhood, because my brothers and my parents and I all shared this passion for the arts, and my parents always took us to museums, and movies, Susanna Hoffs theater, and I was a ballet dancer when I was a child, always got to see the ballet, and we traveled quite a bit, so it was great.

The Bangles’ Susanna Hoffs Taps Aimee Mann for New Badfinger Cover – Rolling Stone

As far as acting goes, I think that when I was attending UC Berkeley, I actually started out Susanna Hoffs the theater department, but then I switched to dance. They had a very excellent dance department. And then I changed my major and became an art major, and I just Susanna Hoffs got my degree in art, where I was painting and making sculpture and stuff.

So it was always a swirl for me. Theater, music, dance, art, painting, sculpture, conceptual art, all of it. Music seemed to rise to the top for me, and singing, I guess you could say I kind of ultimately found my voice in music. With a young Joan Cusack. What stands out when you look back at an experience like that? They do a lot of reissues of classic or cool, interesting, under-the-radar old movies. It had a really interesting cast. It was filmed so fast. It was like between Bangles tours and just on a whim.

The day that they wrapped my part in the movie, I was flying to do some show with the Bangles.

Susanna Hoffs Shines on ‘Bright Lights’

It was just sort of shoved in between Bangles tours. But it was a really fun experience. And in the case of Susanna Hoffs Bangles, Beatles harmonies and Mamas and Papas harmonies, and we were crafting our sound.