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Not Known Does Susan Slaughter drink alcohol? Yes Occasionally She has a big interest in investigating the spirit world and her journey started from a reality show at the Ghost Hunter Academy.

Romi Chase

Susan loves snakes and also has a pet snake named Clementine. She also has a tattoo of a phoenix across the right side of her torso.

Hermione Granger

Susan Slaughter is a paranormal investigator, actress, model who is famous for working in some movies. Who is Susan Slaughter married to?

Susan Slaughter Cam Show

She is not married yet. How old is Susan Slaughter?

Victoria Jackson

According to her date of birth which is 1 Mayshe is 32 years old. Is Susan Slaughter single?

Susan Slaughter’s Bio, Net Worth, Spouse, & Family

No, she is in a relationship with Carlos Ramirez who is a guitarist. When was Susan Slaughter born? She was born on 1 May