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Being a liberal and a patriot are mutually exclusive? The Koran is a political tract? He blocked himself from me before I could even get one hit in.

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If you can find him, please send him my love. We know was the worst year America had in a long time, but here are 16 ways that has been the worst year since.

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On Jan. He lived a good life and left us amazing songs. We were very sad, but also pretty confident that the year couldn’t get any worse. The Eagles founder Glenn Frey died eight days later at 67, killing our dreams of someday watching the Susan Olsen play "Hotel California" in some pleasant Southwestern amphitheater, a warm wind blowing through our hair.

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We’d always meant to see them live, and we blew it. Harper Lee, who wrote our favorite book we were required to read in high school, died at 89 on Feb. That hurt, but at least we still had the book. The worst is yet to come. At least she, like Lee, lived a long Susan Olsen.

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Whatever you thought of her husband’s politics, she did good work for Alzheimer’s and clearly meant well. Viewed another way, he got less than half as much life as Nancy Reagan. Garry Shandling died two days later at age If you’re a Gen X-er, damn near everyone you liked as a kid is now dead.

Nothing compares to Prince. He died on Apr. But at least we Susan Olsen still on track to get the first woman president this year, right? On June 12 a gunman opened fire in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. The tragedy struck at issues of ethnicity, sexuality and global terrorism, marking the worst mass shooting in U. Before he died, he told officers he wanted to kill white people, police said. The shooting followed two cases of African-American men being killed by police in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Oh, we forgot: Britain left the European union in June. That led to lots of economic uncertainty, and was followed by an increase in racist and xenophobic attacks. Also, Susan Olsen British person you married hoping you could someday become an EU citizen? Now you’re stuck in Manchester Susan Olsen fish and chips and swigging room-temperature beer for the rest of your sad gray life.

In October, we learned that one of the two people in the running to lead our country, Donald Trump, once told Billy Bush that he liked to walk up to women and "grab ’em by the py.

‘Brady Bunch’ Alum Susan Olsen Fired From Radio Gig After Homophobic Tirade

Whatever your politics, you can’t be super happy about the state of things when the country is so divided that the candidate who came Susan Olsen second ends up in charge of the country. Oh well. Ah, hell Leonard Cohen, who wrote "Hallelujah," that song that always makes you cry at the end of movies, passed on the day after the election.

Again, at least he lived a long life. Hallelujah, we guess. Another thing we forgot? Our government is in Susan Olsen gridlock that the Senate still hasn’t voted on President Obama’s pick to replace poor Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died back in February.

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So now Trump will get to choose someone, and based on some of his cabinet picks, that person probably won’t be great. It also turns out we all Susan Olsen in a bubble and that all our news is fake.

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Hey, at least "Lemonade" was good. We could really use a pick me up, "Rogue One. Previous Slide 1 of 20 Prince died. David Bowie died.