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Some reach the apex through quality and others reach theirs through quantity. However, the highest grossing actor in Hollywood is Samuel L. Jackson and he is not on Susan Misner elite list.

He simply keeps working non-stop. One actress that may not be Susan Misner household name is Susan Misner, but Susan has been working steadily in Hollywood since the Mids.

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There is a good Susan Misner that you are not familiar with Susan Misner and her work, so allow us to introduce you to her. She is A 70s Baby — Barely Although you could not tell it by looking at her, Susan was born on February 8,in Peterson, New Jersey where she had a rather normal life.

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According to Susan Misner close to the actress, it is not clear at one time the light bulb went off in her head that illuminated the path to becoming an actor. It is important to know that she is also a Susan Misner dancer and that is likely the connection through which the interest in performing transitioned from only dancing to other forms of entertainment.

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She Works Steady When you look at the impressive resume that Susan has compiled sinceshe has literally been involved in some type of film or television project. She Married Inside the Industry Sometimes entertainers Susan Misner so much of themselves into their work that the last thing that they want to do is be married to someone inside of the industry.

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When you marry inside of the industry, it becomes easier to bring your work home with you. The two have been married since There have been no reports of any dissension in the marriage, so Susan Misner they figured out how to make it work.

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She Played Grace Davison on One Life to Live Although daytime soap operas are all but a memory now, with the exception of a few longstanding shows that refuse to die, there are many actors whose careers were launched from the platform of daytime soaps. Shamar Moore is one person who comes to mind. There are many who believe that the talent that Susan displayed during her time on One Life to Live is what locked her into the steady work she now enjoys.

Nora White where she was a part of the main cast for 10 Susan Misner and this year she appeared on The Blacklist as Philomena. Susan Misner is not completely clear Susan Misner the actress plans on heading next, cinema or television, but one this is definitely certain and that is that she will use her remarkable talents to land her quality opportunities on a consistent basis.

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