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Beatriz also plays recurring character Sonia on Modern Family and starred in Stephanie Beatriz critically acclaimed indie film Short Term 12 Her newest endeavor is her podcast, Reality Bytes. A jack Stephanie Beatriz all trades, she recently launched her own podcast entitled Reality Bites. I grew up in Webster, Texas. Ambitions: To buy my parents a home, to reach as many people as I can with the stories I choose to tell. How did you get involved in this line of work?

I took a drama class in 8th grade and was cast as a male villain.

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I had the time of my life. That was hellish. And children are the worst critics. What have you been in? How do you feel about this career?

I love it. I get to play pretend for a living and at the same time help other people express feelings they might not be able to express in their regular, everyday life. How Stephanie Beatriz you decide to become an Stephanie Beatriz It seemed to be the only thing that I was really kind of good at.

Other skills were like maybe not my forte. Who is your favorite actor who you look up to? He did so many ridiculous sitcom-y comedies for a long time and then turned right around and did this incredible performance in Breaking Bad.

He sort of spans both ends of what I would like to be able to do someday. What would your ideal job be? I have it!

So something like Brooklyn-Nine-Nine. Thanks, Universe. Was I going to be okay? Was I going to be safe? What would you rather have; a car or a diploma? A diploma. I was 30 when I learned to drive. What do you think about the need for instinct gratification? When that ping goes off Stephanie Beatriz you get a text message it sets off a dopamine receptor in your brain.

But like anything good, it can go too Stephanie Beatriz. You can have too much of a good thing. I felt so alone when I Stephanie Beatriz going through that in high school. I know a lot of people say that there are lots of downfalls to it. But for example, when I came out as bi on social media there was a large response from young women, many of them Latina and women of color who never had representation before that they recognized.

Pretty bright. When I imagine all the things that are possible and that human beings have already done for each other, it looks good. What challenges do you feel the world is facing today?

Racism, homophobia, misogyny. Those are some of the biggies that Stephanie Beatriz try to sort of battle in my everyday life. A very strong support group of friends who care about me.

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Parents who love me very much. A sister who loves me very much. The ability to pursue an art form and feel like I can.

What is your favorite way to communicate? Talking in person is my favorite, but also on the phone.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ star Stephanie Beatriz gives birth to first child

What is your favorite book, film, and music right now? And my favorite movie is going to be a really hard Stephanie Beatriz tie between Amelie, Spirited Away and Bullets Over Broadway. In the Light of the Moon, a film I shot in Brooklyn this summer.

Stephanie Beatriz a revenge fantasy, not a film about the court system. Just about her and the real story: who do you get to be when something devastating happens to you? Related Content.