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The botched NSA interrogation forces together a homophobic field Sophia Myles, a feminist technical adviser, a transgender asylum seeker, a crypto-anarchist, a racist Brexiteer and an inclusionist MI5 agent. Of course sparks start to fly when their opposing beliefs clash in Sophia Myles way. But a truth drug reveals a newfound honesty with riotous consequences Decode the devilishly debauched Decrypted, it will crack you up.

Hiya Hi Sophia. How are you? We interviewed you, a few years back, it was Blackwood; the horror film with the Owl motif.

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I thought you looked familiar. If we go back to the beginning, was there a defining moment to get into the film industry?

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Well, my defining moment was really a stroke of fate really. So I chose drama and part of the exam was to put on a play.

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So they did the rounds of the state schools and mine was one of them, and I went in and Sophia Myles auditioned for them and I got the job. And I just fell in love with the behind the scenes bits of film sets, it felt just like running away and joining the circus.

And we got to travel all over the place and got to meet incredible, sort of, enigmatic, charismatic, crazy people. And I was hooked really, from day one. So what was it about Decrypted and, specifically, Beth that enticed you Sophia Myles involved and bring her to life? So that was a big draw laughs not having to do an audition.

And it was very funny, very diverse, very daring, very dark and it was going to be filming in Brighton, which is close to home.

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I live in Kent, Sophia Myles it was going to be an easy commute. And, yeah, it was just worked all round really. How did you relate to Beth? Fair enough. Where you familiar with cryptocurrencies before taking on the role?

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Not at all. So anything with statistics or digits, I just see everything backwards, all mixed up and jumbled up.

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So money and currency is like my worst nightmare, so. Oh, wow. You work with a great crop of talent on Decrypted, do you have any memorable moments from filming? Sophia Myles do, I do. I particularly bonded with Talisa Garcia, who plays one of the lead characters. So, Sophia Myles meeting her and becoming so close to her, it was really enlightening, you know, it taught me so much, and I find her story fascinating and, yeah, incredible.

So what is your preferred genre and do you have any favourite films? Like I said earlier, I love dark comedy. But, yeah anything funny.

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