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Jennifer Stone

What will your mom say when she sees this? What have you been in? I have definitely been in a lot of short films. I think It is my first real big Sophia Lillis. How do you feel about this career?

How did you decide to become an actor? This is the one thing I actually enjoyed so I got signed up to be in this Sophia Lillis class, and I think from then on I decided that I have enough experience that I better make this a job.

Sophia Lillis

How would you describe your specialty or type? I have actually an answer to that. Every part I get, I always have a mother who is gone or an abusive relationship with my parents. I was in this school play, The Music Man. And I was Winthrop, the boy with the lisp. What does that Sophia Lillis about me? Fear of failure. I just want to do Sophia Lillis good job and not let everyone down.

Who is your favorite actor you look up to? I definitely love the comedians. What would your ideal job be? Do you consider yourself to be lucky? I mean, I started young. My parents. I have short hair and that gives me roles for both boys and girls.

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Would you rather have a car or diploma? I try not to think about it.

Julia Yaroshenko

It gets me depressed. What is your favorite way to communicate?

Sophia Lillis Cam Show

Definitely not speaking. I guess through writing. What Sophia Lillis your favorite book film and music right now? I got kind of immune to watching sad films from that.

Loni Anderson

I actually listen to soundtracks, like musicals. Right now I really want to watch Dear Evan Hansen, and they have really good music. And books? I really like reading fantasy. I just started working on an Sophia Lillis series called Sharp Objects playing the younger version of the main character, who is played by Amy Adams. Related Content.