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Sonia Isaza – Greatest Physiques

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Her online fame has led her to numerous opportunities including competitions and sponsorships. As she continues her endeavors, it is Sonia Isaza that her wealth will also continue to increase. At the age of 22, she saw bikini models in magazines, and decided to push her limits by going to the gym.

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She was inspired to go further, and in decided that she would become a competitive bodybuilder. She continued training, and making her name known in local competitions.

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As the name denotes, it was created by Arnold Schwarzenegger and is usually held in various locations around the world. She spent time in Australia and was encouraged by others to try and share her progress online.

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Since its inception, the service has rapidly gained popularity and has over a billion in registered users while over million actively use the website on a daily basis. Users can upload photos and videos to their service which is then displayed to their accounts. These Sonia Isaza can be shared to the public or to pre-approved followers.

The service is owned by Facebook, and started out as an iOS exclusive service before branching out to other devices. She posts a lot of personal photos, and videos of her training at the gym.

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She became partnered with the company NitroFit, which is a sports supplement company based in Colombia. She Sonia Isaza appears in their promotional videos as well as at some of their events, with other fitness models who work for the company including Angel Rodriguez, Lorena Hernandez, Louisa Polo, and Mafe Achury.