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Soledad Miranda the time of the accident, she was on her way to sign a contract with Artur Brauner, a German film producer, which would have brought her international stardom. She was survived at the time by her husband, Jose Manuel da Conceicao Simoes, a former race-car driver, and their son, Jose Antonio.

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Soledad used the name Korda when she appeared in anything of an erotic nature as a way to keep the knowledge of it from her extended family. The name Miranda, that she used as her last name for the majority of the Soledad Miranda and television shows she appeared in, came about by happenstance.

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It was drawn out of a number of surnames that had been placed in a hat and whichever one she chose that was the name she would Soledad Miranda under. The oldest of six children — two brothers and three sisters, Soledad was the niece of Spanish actress, flamenco dancer and singer Paquita Rico.

She began her career when she was eight years of age as a flamenco dancer and singer. She worked steadily in the Spanish cinema, eventually being discovered by American film director, producer and writer Sidney W. In addition to her acting, she also had a short Soledad Miranda as a pop singer.

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Her singing voice can also be heard in three Soledad Miranda her movies: Cancion de CunaEvaand Currito de la Cruz She was extraordinarily well known in the world of Spanish cinema, but sadly, it was not until after her death, and years after for that matter, that film lovers around the world began to take serious notice of her, thanks to the advent, at the time, of the VCR.

Those same movies are even easier to view now on DVD.