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Mallory Jansen

Use your tongue It might feel strange, but by pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling is an effective way to help avoid the dreaded double chin, as it elongates Skinny Selfie neck and your jawline.

Tiffany Heinen

Angle your face Avoid direct head-on shots. Instead, stand slightly sideways and tilt your chin a little bit upward 3.

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Twist your body and position your arms Ever wonder why every celebrity poses with her camera-facing arm on her hip? Not all doing the same pose.

Quick tricks to instantly look slimmer in selfies (sans photoshop)

Learn to smile for the camera Smiling is a tricky thing when it comes to photos. Too big, and you look silly, but none at all can make you look broody or angry. The solution?

Justine Paradise

Practice good posture Standing up straight really does make a difference. Not only will it elongate you in photos, but it gives you an aura of strength Skinny Selfie confidence, which is naturally alluring.

Annika Noelle