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Longer Side Swept, Credits: Morris Motley Whether you are looking for a new cut or a different way to style your hair, using our examples as inspiration and having a chat with your hair stylist will go a long, long way. If taken proper care of, just the color of your hair alone can take you a long way when the subject is improving your looks. From modern undercuts to the classic ones, the length variation on the top side is what you want to focus on, make sure to tell your barber exactly how you would like for it to be done.

Styling — To style your undercut, start by slicking your wet hair either to the back or the side according to your preference, after that, while blow drying, use a wide-tooth comb for the manipulation of the waves. The idea here is to achieve a noticeable contrast with the hair on the sides of the head.

Pompadour Basically slicked back hair with extra volume, this works for both guys with thick or thin hair, and with the right styling technique your lighter colored hair will look amazing. Here the sides are cut into a skin fade, about an inch above the hairline all around. The effect is a fresh and clean style, with retro roots.

Styling — The key is to brush or comb your hair into the desired shape, after applying volumizer to damp, and hot blow drying your hair into place. The Man Bun Look The man bun is still going strong for guys with Skinny Blonde hair. On the bright side, it is really easy to maintain and it is also a ladies favorite. Styling — To Skinny Blonde it, start after air drying your hair. Free of any hair products, slick it back and make a half ponytail. It is as easy as that.

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Short and Messy Tired of the old clean cut short hairstyle? Being practical, fashionable and easy to maintain, the messy look is an excellent option, and it gives your natural blonde hair a bad boy look instantly. Styling — If you are new to using hair products, this is a great way to start practicing because there Skinny Blonde no way to go wrong.

You can easily achieve this look by applying your favorite styling product we recommend a good quality pomade to your still wet hair, proceed then to flatten the sides and go wild on the top and in the front, and when you are satisfied with the look, You can air or blow dry. The key component for a good slicked back hair is the placement. The way you stylize it can make it go from serious to casual in a simple careless touch. Styling — Guide for achieving perfect slick: starting at the Skinny Blonde, with your hair still humid, gently pull your hair back and finish the movement at the crown just above your neck, where your hair endsmaking sure that you coat your hair with a suitable good pomade in the process.

Avoid doing this in fully-dried hair. This particular blonde look features plenty of messiness on top, for a unique, handsome look. Wear it up or wear it down — your choice. This popular look works for anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Of course, the facial hair is up to you! This crop is nothing remarkable but really does look the part. Overall, this creates a cool, manly look for guys of all face shapes and hair colors — including blonde.

That pretty much describes this light blonde look in one sentence. The rugged, messy top hair is kept short for low-maintenance, leaving a stylish yet respectable look. Absolutely nothing. This tidy style looks great and is nice and easy to maintain. And for some reason, it seems like the kind of style only big, jacked guys would sports.

The quiff is hard not to love, and the short sides make it tidy and practical. This style really is hard to beat, especially for blonde guys.

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We love how the long top hair is Skinny Blonde combed forwards. The stark contrast between the top and the sides is a cool touch, too. With that said, the end result is absolutely worth it if you need a blonde cut that will stand out for all the right reasons.

The facial hair is, no doubt, a bonus! Blonde Quiff with Cowlick Add some flair to a plain old undercut by introducing a cowlick. This style, with its messy cowlick at the back, is Skinny Blonde of our favorites on the list.

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Just add sunglasses and facial hair for this classic American style. Not an easy style to get right! Blonde Mop Top You say what does thin hair, mop-top, and bowl cut volume get you? This cool panache is the answer. The top is thin-haired so it can be long without looking fuzzy with sides being layered, there is no taper at all. The forehead is covered to that also makes it slightly bowl cut. Messy Surfer Hairstyle Usually, the trend calls for tapering sides Skinny Blonde sometimes fading it too but this is another level of casual styling.

The top is all tossed with sides slightly layered for the volume and nothing too extreme. The hair has enough girth to be thick yet is a quite free flowing. The sides are strictly taper faded with the top Skinny Blonde brushed up Skinny Blonde a slight side brush. The undercut is quite subtle with line ups being quite angular and tapered, this is a good blend of casual to formal.

Swagger Hairstyle This is what a thick volume with a cheeky side part gets Skinny Blonde. Plus if you notice the sides are again layered and not taper faded. The temple is blended into a beard and that balances the overall outlook of the face.

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The side brush is very much casual and nothing too serious, which gives it that playful edge. The slicked back base with puffed texture is what you can pull off easily if you have thin hair. The top Skinny Blonde casually brushed with sides being layered and slightly tapered, with no sign on undercut but loads of detail towards line up.

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The sides are taper faded with slight drop fade but the top is brushed up and side swayed with that casual toss texture. That is not all, there is a tinge of french crop Skinny Blonde on the forehead with that cheeky skin fade on the sides makes the whole look quite cleaner, pushing all the focus on the top.

Blonde Undercut This is exactly what it means to have a hairstyle that is semi-formal and casual both at the same time. The pushed back or slicked back base makes it a very elegant one and then the side being taper faded makes it better. Plus, that dye that makes it golden is what makes it better, just look at it! The sides are straight mid faded with the top being multi-layered as the front is longer than the back.

The dye is on a whole another level with that rough yet bright color, notice that you can still see black peaking, it is intentional! The top is pompadoured with a slight quiff on top with that silky thin texture. The overall look is supported Skinny Blonde that deep stubble beard. Where do we even begin?

The top is so well diverse with that mop-top feel plus an angular fringe on the corner, not to mention the straight Skinny Blonde. The thin and silky hair is what one needs to pull this off. The sides are taper faded with Skinny Blonde sharp yet faded lineup. The sides are tapered and then faded just like it should be, plus that curls add extra girth to the overall look. Plus added the fact that the frosty icy white blonde dye is what makes this one so special. Plus the undercut with that cheeky taper fade is hard to miss.

Not to mention, but that is one of the cleanest fades we have seen in a while. Well, maybe not a newbie because that panache is not easy to pull off. The sides are gradually taper faded with that top being all brushed up in all four directions. Plus, the line up Skinny Blonde nonexistent with a blend into beard, can it get any better?

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It cannot! Plus the brush-up blonde on top looks so casual yet can be rocked on a formal occasion. Those pocky strands that you see are totally intentional and you can have them too just make sure to use some hair product and BOOM! All of that plus that thin hair texture is what one needs to pair with a turtle neck to look like Harvey Spectre. This one is the same with thin hair is high volume with sides being taper faded. The skin fade on the sides makes way for the top to shine bright.

The back however is long giving that hint of mulletthe key is using some Skinny Blonde so that the Skinny Blonde stays in place. The sides are taper faded for maximum attention to the top. When you hand side brush this style, you get those free-falling strands on the forehead. The dye here is a shiny blonde dye with layers of highlight on top.

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The French crop here is an added extra touch of panache. The side brush is quite neat yet has a casual touch to it with some strands falling on the forehead. The side part is thin and subtlea perfect recipe Skinny Blonde is.

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The sides are undercut taper fade with that low fade the beard can come in easily. The thin blonde strands Skinny Blonde tall due to hair products. The shades of blonde are quite fun to play with. The sides are tapered with the top being decently sized that is just enough to tame it in Skinny Blonde push-back pattern.

The bread here plays an important role in balancing the face making it look equal. The top is side parted with a neat side sweep with a fluff that many dream of. The layers help keeping volume in check. The top is blonde whereas the sides are still black.