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Oblivious Big Sister Fart Story

Reid watched as his sister walked back down the hallway, letting out another toot as she made it back into the living room. A juicy fart bubbled out of Lima’s rear-end, undoubtedly issues pertaining to Lima’s pecha berry diet. Though she never minded letting loose, it was only a problem when others were around. She didn’t like the idea of inconveniencing others with her gas.

Meanwhile, I had gotten to the point where the spanking no longer hurt and weirdly started to feel good. I was getting quite excited by all this and it was probably on that day that I became a devout ‘spankophile’. Disappointed with this new piece of information, I decided to confide in her. Clearly, she just wasn’t the kind of person who would recognise the value and beauty of a good science experiment when it is right in front of her. I decided that the best way to test my theory, was by whispering one word over and over again in my sister’s ear.

Anonymous Story: Me Too

The boy closed his hand and felt his phone in his hand. His phone stopped ringing, he didn’t answer it in time. Reid couldn’t believe he couldn’t make it in time.

Ally’s embarrassing habit outed by kids –

Ally’s embarrassing habit outed by kids.

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It’s really more a matter of distance than layers of protection. You just can’t be anywhere close to her when she lets off her chili farts. All of her farts are insane, they are the stinkiest thing you will ever encounter and as someone who’s smelled a whole lot of things, that’s the truth. But her chili farts, well, my nose is constantly fighting the urge to force my brain to shut down, to pass out and save my strength for a less gassy time. I try watching more of my cartoon, anything to take my mind off the smell of her farts. I’m warning them now, if people don’t do anything about my sister’s problem, it will soon not just be a problem for my family to share, it will be everyone’s.

My Sister’s Farts

How they managed to even get a complete study of my sister’s friend Christina and her farts is beyond me. The rumor was that they actually shrunk a few people deep into her butthole to study her farts for several days. Christ I hope that stuff doesn’t exist. I wouldn’t want to be part of a team of people who go inside my sister’s butthole. Her farts are way, way, way off the charts! And that’s before we even get to the chili farts.

Sister Farts hate my
  • A video has gone viral, showing a sweet and innocent looking teenage girl shocking her younger brother – by letting rip with the mother of all farts.
  • “Now you’re going to have to excuse me.
  • My sister can fart really loud for a girl.
  • They want more of it, everyone wants more of it.