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Which, she admits, was exactly how it felt to do it. There are Old Man spoilers here, so go see it first and then come back. Sissy Spacek feels like such a throwback. It was shot in 16mm, and I think that really helped. Did you? The first time he talked to me Sissy Spacek this, Sissy Spacek just gave me the broad strokes of it. Jewel had not really existed, you know.

Yeah, I knew this time! He teases her, he sorta toys with her about it. The thing about David is, he wanted our help in honing the script. So I just said, you know, why not write her as someone who falls in love with him in spite of what he does? You actually see her fall in love with him.

The scene originally ended there. So we added the part where she forces him to go back and actually Sissy Spacek it for her. She still stays with him after that, though — when she knows who is and what he does, right? You know how it Sissy Spacek chemistry between people.

He needs that rush. Someone asked him, why do you keep putting yourself through this? How many actors have said the same thing, working in an industry that can prop you up… …or make you come crashing down. Eric Zachanowich You had never worked with Redford before?

It turns out that the same casting director, Marion Dougherty — God rest her soul — separately took he and I under her wing and gave us our starts in the business. We just realized this, like, Sissy Spacek week or so ago.

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I was probably there to meet him. That project was fraught with problems between Lee Marvin and the studio, but I loved Michael and I was so wet behind the ears. I was making collages in the honey wagon with Gene Hackman, who was a prince. I knew it was something special. But I knew I was fortunate because I was just an ordinary American girl, nothing special — I represented some sort of everywoman, I guess. But because of directors like Michael Ritchie Sissy Spacek Terence Malick, I was kind of plucked out of obscurity and got to ride that wave.

I mean, working on a film, working with director who had a vision and Sissy Spacek wanted you to add to the process — to me, that was everything.

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We Sissy Spacek scrappy, low-budget productions — Carrie was basically a B film, nobody really was paying attention to us while we were making it. So we had freedom. The studios were giving all their attention to the bigger pictures. Right, so we could go out and make Badlands, or 3 Women, or whatever. You were the only shoot that mattered. I just stumbled into the orbit of these filmmakers who were making great work.

And it still happens, sometimes. David Lowery has that same look in his eye that Terence Malick did. Oh Sissy Spacek, like it was yesterday.

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Terry was like 26 or 28, a young guy — I knew a scene was going well if you could hear him giggling behind the camera. There was one time where we were getting Sissy Spacek to do a scene and suddenly the moon appeared in the sky, in the middle of the day. On an average day, how many people come up to you and talk to you about Carrie? A lot of people respond to Carrie White. Why is that, do you think? Very beautiful, in Sissy Spacek, with flowers in her hair. It really, truly is. How was it working with him on The Straight Story?

He and Jack have been best friends since the eighth grade. I have to tell you, that man is the ideal of the consummate artist.

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They were living the art Sissy Spacek — like the real art life — when I met them, and just getting to know David really sort of changed me, changed how I thought about what we were doing. I just love collaborating with great filmmakers.

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But I loved that Sissy Spacek. Bob was such an ornery character. And then every time I came out of the bathroom, I Sissy Spacek flip the light off. Why are you doing this? Every time you turn the light off, we have to do a light change and start over.

It was a wonderful experience filming that show, except for the Maine accent. I did a lot before I got there.

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I took a lot from that. And I love doing TV now, because actors Sissy Spacek work, artists want to work — and this is like the Seventies for TV right now. Or, you know, whatever you call the digital thing going on … Streaming? You have that same freedom. The difficult thing is that you get the scripts right before the episodes, which is Sissy Spacek.

TV is hard to do that.

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Which I kind of like. It Sissy Spacek things interesting. You have the same heart and soul. But you take things in in a different way, because you have a much broader overview of life. And now I get to explore being in my sixties with these roles. Sign up for our newsletter.