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This article will answer every question you have about Shawnee Smith. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about her. What does Shawnee Smith do for a living? Is Shawnee Smith married Shawnee Smith does she have a boyfriend? Does Shawnee Smith have any children? Where is Shawnee Smith now? How tall is Shawnee Smith? How much money does Shawnee Smith earn? Who is Shawnee Smith? Shawnee Rebecca Smith is an American actress and singer, widely recognized Shawnee Smith her role as Amanda Young in the Saw franchise.

Aside from acting, she once fronted the rock band Fydolla Ho, with which she toured worldwide.

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Smith became the youngest actor up to that time to obtain such an honor. She was born as the second born in the family. Her mother was an oncology nurse, while her father was a financial planner and previous US Air Force Pilot. At the age of two, her mother and father divorced, Shawnee Smith her mother remarried whilst she was aged eight.

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Does Shawnee Smith have siblings? No information is available about her siblings to Shawnee Smith public, however, it is recognized that she is the second child in her family. She then attended Madison Jr. Smith attended Idaho State University.

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Shawnee Smith Interests Apart from her acting interests, Smith has hobbies in music and has been into two music bands. She has released several albums while in the bands and also began out working on a solo album sometime back, although it was not completed. She is a skilled vocalist capable of playing the guitar, piano, and drums, who has done numerous soundtracks for movies. She is likewise a convert to Eastern Orthodoxy from Lutheranism in They married and had a daughter in their marriage that later ended in She later was married to musician Kai Matton for a short time from to Shawnee Smith, The couple had a child, a son, within the one year of their marriage.

She then got into a relationship that ended with having a child, another son in Shawnee Smith Children Smith collectively has three children, one daughter, Shawnee Smith two sons. Her daughter, Verve Reposar, was born in from her marriage to Jakson Reposar, while her older son, Jakson Mattoon inin her brief marriage to Kai Mattoon.

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Her younger son was born in March They were listed in the Shawnee Smith credits for their vocals and spoken narrative tracks for two songs. Shawnee Smith Height The year-old actress, singer, and voice actor has a bodyweight of 52 kg and a height of 5 ft 3 in 1. Smith later took a 3-year leave from performing Shawnee Smith the early s due to the fact she had outgrown teenage roles and it became hard to find work.

Smith co-starred as Linda in Becker from to Smith found out she has a tough time watching horror films in general and had initially turned down the role in Saw because it was scary to her.

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Leigh Whannell and James Wan showed her the eight-minute film clip and she changed her thoughts after she was presented with the role the second time. Shawnee made an appearance in the minute brief movie trailer Repo! The Genetic Opera inadditionally directed by Bousman. The director filmed the trailer after completing Saw III to try and pitch the concept to movie producers.

Shawnee did not reprise her role as Heather Sweet when Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures took up the movie inParis Hilton replaced her. The series is a continuation of Shawnee Smith initial Shawnee Smith series 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails. Through this collection, she made her producing breakout. She was the host as well as one of 3 mentors at the VH1 reality program Scream Queens, airing from October 20,to December 8, In season two, she was replaced by Jaime King as she did not go back to host and mentor because of scheduling conflicts.

Smith performed the role of Dr. Sullivan, child psychiatrist, in The Grudge 3 in The film was a direct-to-DVD launch on May 12, This was her first TV overall performance since Scream Queens aired in Music Career Aside from acting, Smith is likewise a Shawnee Smith who sings and plays the guitar, piano, and drums. In Decemberthe group released their breakthrough full-duration album. Along with producer Chris Goss, Smith began out working on a solo album inhowever, the project was never completed.

She was not able to work on music Shawnee Smith a while due to the fact she struggled to be a mom, working, and growing another baby, as she said in an interview with Radio Free in October The two became business partners and started their record label, titled Urban Prairie Records.

Even before the second album was completed the two disbanded in Smith stated that she realized she intended to focus on her children and tv work, as she promoted Anger Management in The cover song Shawnee Smith launched in