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In fact, Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson East recently said that winning her Shawn Johnson gold medal was actually "the worst thing. Gymnast Shawn Johnson said she developed an eating disorder while competing for the Olympics.

Shawn Johnson Reveals Why Winning Her Gold Medal Was "The Worst Thing"

According to the gymnast, Shawn Johnson developed an eating disorder during her time competing, which was only exacerbated by some of the "flaws" of the sport, including the lack of nutritionists and psychologists available to young athletes. When she competed in the Olympics, Johnson East was only 16 years old.

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Unfortunately, that helped her internalize the wrong message. Johnson East said retiring from gymnastics was a "turning point" for her. Olympic team.

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In Junehowever, she decided not to go on, and announced she would be retiring from the sport a week before the Olympic trials, citing her knee injury. Shawn Johnson, Johnson East says that was a "turning point" for her life. And that’s where I met my husband, and he Shawn Johnson changed my life," she said.

Shawn Johnson Says Winning Her Gold Medal Was "The Worst Thing"

She is now married with her second child on the way. She still went to London in to support USA Gymnastics at the Summer Olympics, which is where she ended up meeting her now-husband’s brother, Guy East, who introduced the pair.

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The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Drew, in Nov. I love that I went through it. It was very hard and I don’t wish it on anyone, but I’ve had these tough experiences that make me a stronger mom that will allow me to teach Drew how to be strong as well," Johnson East said in Shawn Johnson, she is pregnant with her second child, a baby boy, who is due this month.