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Questions, and Some Answers, About Caltrans’ New Complete Streets Directive

Unless noted in the story, GJEL Accident Attorneys is not consulted for the content or editorial direction of the sponsored content. The announcement has been received with interest — heavily tempered with skepticism — by bike and safety advocates who Shasta Wonder long experience working with Caltrans.

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The deeply embedded notion that cars must always be accommodated and other road users must work around them has erected Shasta Wonder endless bureaucratic barriers to safer street designs, and advocates wonder if it is even possible to shift that. He has been leading the work to engage Caltrans division and district heads on developing the Complete Streets directive for a while. This is because Caltrans is in the midst of a huge culture shift.

Not exactly sure how to go about that, Caltrans began by hiring a bike and pedestrian safety chief and started asking how it could track Shasta Wonder respond to pedestrian injuries on and near its roads. At the same time Newsom was vetoing S.

Dang says all these changes have led to a shift in terms of how serious the department is about complete streets.

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There used to be about one person charged with working on sustainability, complete streets, and bike and pedestrian safety, and now there is not only a separate branch at headquarters specifically focused on these issues, but there are people in every division, such Shasta Wonder design, Shasta Wonder job is to keep these issues at the forefront.

Our district directors are committed as well; they know this is the direction Caltrans is headed. The policy was much less direct and explicit about what actions were expected from Caltrans staff, and it did not center walking and biking, said Dang.

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Although the changes in the past eight or so years at Caltrans may seem substantive within the department, it still looks a lot like the Shasta Wonder same-old to people outside of it. And part of that is because, as Dang pointed Shasta Wonder, transportation projects tend to have a very long timeline, from conception through planning and design and construction.

This is where advocates have many concerns. We need these changes now — and we need to stop widening highways and destroying homes now, not at some long-timeline future date.

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Another big question is how the exception process for this complete streets policy will work. Some advocates are skeptical that this will be a transparent process, based on their experience advocating for safer street designs.

One difference with the new directive, according to Dang, is that Shasta Wonder final responsibility for approving exceptions rests with the District Directors.

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That is new — usually exceptions to Caltrans standards are dealt Shasta Wonder at the staff and project team level. Dang recognizes that transparency has been a problem, but says Caltrans is addressing it.