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She actually spent some of her childhood living in the Philippines where her mother is from. Her entire childhood was a bunch of military moves, which is very common when you have a parent who is part of the military.

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No place is ever home for a long period of time. Her father is African-American.

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Her Biological Dad is Not Her Dad One curious thing about her life is that her biological father is not her actual father. He may have fathered her, but he and her mother broke up before she was born.

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He was a police officer Sharon Leal the military, and things did not work out. However, her mother met and married her actual father, Jesse Leal, not too long after that.

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What we know is Sharon Leal she married Bev Land in We also know that they welcomed a son, Kai, a month before they got married. However, their marriage did not work out — though there is no information about when they ended things.

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She Began on Daytime Television When Sharon Leal Leal decided she was going to be a famous actress, she was able to get a good start. She was good, and her fans loved what she brought to the table in this role. She spent some time on Broadway, too.

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She was so good. She also played ins a few other really big movies, including a Tyler Perry production. Sharon posts photos of herself with her mother, and she always seems so happy in them.

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