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So, is everyone gonna think twice now before they try and break into your house? This was an extremely physically demanding role for you. The way that Sharni Vinson Wingard was doing the camera work, its clear that this is you on screen.

This was not Sharni Vinson and paste designed to mask a stunt person doing the action and then doing an inset of a close-up of your face.

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No, no! Never get bored!

Irine Meier

They have the BEST stories. Just the other week I was with one of them in Hawaii and he went down a water slide, cut his head open Sharni Vinson here I am with Super-Glu trying to put it back together. No worries. This is cool. That was the really important part to get in there. With the horror genre so many people think of Jamie Lee Curtis who is a scream queen.

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And her reaction time is quick. I had to give her the respect that somebody coming from a survivalist upbringing would Sharni Vinson in dealing with these situations. The bugs are bigger. The crocodiles are bigger. The insects are bigger. I came in and auditioned as an American and they Sharni Vinson the Australian thing. They loved it. Australians are known in the general public to be pretty tough.

Is this an inside job? Is Erin behind it? Very enticing. Sharni Vinson Bowen and I actually, on that line, have our own version of what the ending should be to the movie. Geniusly played by my best friend and roommate, Wendy Glenn, who plays Zee. It was just another experience to be able to work with your best friend and sort of play your camera opposites. Really gritty. I would step Sharni Vinson hair and make-up. Make me look as really bloody and gory as whatever this character has been through is possible.

The whole movie was coming from a different place so hopefully that comes across. How did that impact you in terms of navigating and destroying things? The house was picked for the film because it is so visually appeasing for what we were after.

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It really was that creaky. It really was that scary just to see it. The table even gets flipped on its head at one point. How are we gonna do this? A lot of our shots in this movie were shot in the first and Sharni Vinson take. We Sharni Vinson to be very very mindful of the carpet. So, how are we not gonna get blood on the carpet?

It was worth it. The big JM! You are very eclectic and very diverse in what you pick but with the roles you do pick, all of the parts are very substantive. Given that, what is the greatest gift that acting is giving you? I grew up a singer, a dancer, a swimmer, a surfer, a boxer, a virtual mermaid. I lived and breathed the ocean. Huge passion for horses.

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So, my next role I would love Sharni Vinson be a western period piece with a gun and real action but on a horse through the countryside non-stop. I am a mermaid, put me in a mermaid role. I can hold my breath for 2 minutes. That to me never makes it boring.

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I always said the day I stop having fun in this business will be the day I stop doing it. It got picked up Sharni Vinson a second season and looks like a third is coming. Jimmy Muro does Sharni Vinson cinematography and some of my friends who are old west stuntmen who worked with John Wayne are doing stunts on it. Lou Diamond Phillips is in it.