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But it also introduces a bevy of new characters to the infection-ravaged world, among them Dina, an outgoing, flirtatious, quick-witted young woman who Shannon Woodward the love interest of Ellie. Yeah, I think I played the game three times before having any involvement with it.

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I had to work the next day. Shannon, this game is so crazy. This girl — you spend all this time trying to protect her, and I just killed everyone! It had a Shannon Woodward profound effect on me. And that just really felt profound to me.

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Ashley faces a certain kind of pressure in bringing back such a beloved character in Ellie, but I think you have a different kind of challenge in introducing a new character. Did you feel any kind of nervousness Shannon Woodward that regard? I should have. In a lot of post-apocalyptic stories, I feel like people Shannon Woodward lose their sense of humor.

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People are Shannon Woodward people, even when things are incredibly difficult. And so it really moved me, and I was very Shannon Woodward to jump in and live in that world, particularly with Ashley, because in my head, I played that game all the time, and I already loved Ellie. I already knew Ellie, just like every player.

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Did you get any advice or insight from her? We never really had conversations like that. Ashley and I were really Shannon Woodward on the same page, and honestly, she is such a good actor that it was so easy for Shannon Woodward to do my job. I just learned my lines, and then I was just reacting to Ashley.

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You can be incredibly friendly or it can be incredibly condescending. You know what a scene needs and what you think the scene is, and I just show up and Shannon Woodward to Ashley. We really connected to each other very quickly Shannon Woodward deeply.

How did her character develop over the past few years of making this game? You know, I see a lot of Neil and Halley in a lot of these characters. Halley is really funny and irreverent and I think I am too. This is your first motion-capture role.

Was that a challenge to get used to?

Shannon Woodward

At first, it was hard to get used to the camera right in front of my face, but I think it only took me about a half an hour where Shannon Woodward could like, stop seeing it. Shannon Woodward it was just a different kind of cognitive dissonance. I adjusted. This is going great, but now my hand is stuck to your back! What do you think of the reactions that have come out?

And I hope people enjoy it.

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