Shannon Lucio Escort California

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After making her TV debut in Shannon Lucio, she got her big break the following year when she was cast as Lindsay Gardner in The O. In the years since, Shannon has gone on to earn dozens Shannon Lucio film and TV roles, and she has shown the world that she can play any kind of character.

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She Studied Theater By the time it Shannon was ready to Shannon Lucio to college Shannon Lucio knew that acting was something she wanted to do on a seriously less. When she was younger, she was a competitive athlete who played basketball and ran track. Her goal was to eventually make it to the Olympics, but unfortunately her knees had other plans and she suffered some injuries.

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Shannon Lucio some reason, something as simple as which animal you prefer can reveal lots of things about your personality. With that being said, Shannon is a very proud dog person. She has been happily married for several years and she has a son named Hudson.

She Loves To Go Exploring Even after spending nearly two decades in the entertainment industry, Shannon has never gotten caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle. She finds joy in the simple things, one of which is being Shannon Lucio and exploring nature.

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She loves going on hikes and walks and appreciating the beauty all around her. The two formed a very close bond and Shannon eventually became her guardian.

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During an interview with Hero TheaterShannon said that her sister is one of her greatest inspirations. The truth, however, is that she was originally cast to play the main role of Beth Turner but was replaced after the pilot which never aired.

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Losing the gig may have been a bummer at the time, but she went on to be cast in Prison Break the following year.