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Reddit17 For the modern teenager, there is no dearth of hairstyles to experiment with. Gone is the time when only the ladies had the authority to experiment with their fine tresses.

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Hence, we have compiled some sexy hairstyles for teen boys for all the teen boys out there to make sure they look amazing at Sexy Teen and get the attention of all the cute girls. This haircut is short at the sides and the back of the head while long at the top. It works perfectly for straight as well as curly hair. Minimal styling is required in the form of a gel or mousse.

Strong jawlines and long faces are the perfect attributes for the undercut to work perfectly. Styling Steps- Make use of clippers to maintain Sexy Teen longer length at the top.

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Trim the hair short at the sides and the back. Make sure that hair is partitioned properly to avoid asymmetry.

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Crewcut Image Source The Crew cut is one of the sexy hairstyles for teen boys and the easiest to maintain of all the hairstyles. This haircut particularly suits athletic boys and adds a greater definition to the face.

40 Sexy Hairstyles For Teen Boys

Have a look at these Sexy Teen hairstyles for teen boys and Sexy Teen your girls. Styling Steps- To achieve this haircut, keep the hair short at all sides. Make sure that the sideburns are also short. The taper all the way down to the neck must be gradual. Quiff Image Source The quiff is the perfect sexy hairstyles for teen boys to add a little class to the face.

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The quiff can be quite versatile Sexy Teen the length of the quiff can be varied to change the look accordingly. This hairstyle works perfectly for boys having thick wavy hair. A shorter quiff is better for teenage boys as it is in line with their age and maintains the cute teenage vibes as well.

40 Sexy Hairstyles For Teen Boys – Buzz16

The hair on the top has to be gelled and combed backwards and sideward to give the quiff Sexy Teen characteristic look. Blending the beard with the cut further enhances the look.

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Spiky Haircut.