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Scuba Steph tells us what it means to cosplay, tales from her adventure so far, and also the upcoming Nerdbot Con! Hi Scuba Steph, tell us a little bit about you! I also love wine! What made you get Scuba Steph cosplay? Every year I anticipate Halloween and plan out my costume months ahead of time Scuba Steph once I realized I can do this any time of the year with cosplay, I quickly became all about it!

My Dredd is still my favorite and it might always be my favorite because of how much I love the character. One of my favorite movies is Dredd and being able to act as the character has been a dream come Scuba Steph

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I also work in the legal field as a paralegal so being Dredd fits right in with my lifestyle. For instance, Scuba Steph law giver is a kids nerf gun that I sanded down, spray painted matte black and detailed after.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration in cosplay? All of the wonderful cosplayers I see at conventions! They always amaze Scuba Steph

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What character are you working on next and what would be your dream cosplay? Va from Overwatch!

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For someone starting out in cosplay, what advice would you give? Just have fun! Get in your cosplay gear and go! What would you say the best thing is about cosplay? The best thing is the friends you meet. My group of friends has improved drastically by meeting cosplayers. Cosplayers are talented, artistic, nerdy people. What games are you playing at Scuba Steph moment?

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Dredd is my favorite comic book character. My favorite gaming character is Pharah from Overwatch. She is Scuba Steph bad ass hero that has a rocket launcher and she can fly!

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Yes please! What are your plans for future cons? I would love to make a Mei from Overwatch cosplay since I already have glasses similar to hers.

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It seems like it would Scuba Steph pretty simple, the only problem is her costume is meant for winter. And I live in California. Scuba Steph that might be a bit uncomfortable for me but I still want to do it! What can attendees expect? Where can we find you and Nerdbot online? I pretty much live on snap chat. As for Nerdbot you can find us at Nerdbot. Featured Gaming Tees.

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