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Scarlett became interested in music from a tender age, and which she has been involved in ever since. She began taking guitar lessons as well as singing as a small Scarlett Pomers, and also started taking on small jobs at a tender age as she was interested in rock music.

What is Scarlett Pomers doing now? She does photography and makes music after giving up acting

This Scarlett Pomers many doors for young Scarlett, who went on to appear in numerous shows and movies. For this role, she shot for six straight weeks in Australia and up to date, she cherishes that experience.

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InScarlett announced that she would Scarlett Pomers longer be acting. Instead, she was going to dedicate all her time to the music as well as photography careers. She has now become a musician who has formed her own band and is directing it towards success.

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However, she has a history with Jonathan Taylor Thomas; the pair met in a movie set and started dating later. Their relationship lasted for five years until Scarlett announced their Scarlett Pomers in although she never disclosed the reasons behind the split.

Whatever Happened to Scarlett Pomers?

Pomers has never been married and does not have any children. Her sexual orientation is straight.

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Scarlett Scarlett Pomers in hospital until January when she was discharged. She even earned a teaching certificate. She was also a great fan of Sailor Moon. She also earns from her songwriting and singing career, which has helped her maintain a comfortable lifestyle.