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It’s made up of 2 Squares & 1 opposition. Cardinal T-Squares show drive, determination & energy. Fixed T-Squares are enduring, tough & practical. Mutable T-Squares are intelligent, adaptable & sociable.

  • She symbolizes the light of pure consciousness in the astrological chart.
  • Britney is cute;, Saweetie is sexy;.
  • Saweetie has the same dolled up vibe like Britney Spears .
  • Venus is the most important aspect in her chart because they’re BOTH dominant.
  • You have a particular gift for listening & being present, and taking in everything around you.

Here, Iris ison top form, her communication skills are fantastic & a source of great potential for worldly success. You have a particular gift for listening & being present, and taking in everything around you. Your intuition is most powerful when you are subordinate over others. This enables you to tune your responses to situations with particular skill & sensitivity, winning approvals & opening doors. In the 5th house, it aims to create an empire through artistic avenues. Alexa also has her Pluto exactly conj.

Sasha Grey Tumblr for listening

Alexa Demie • Scorpio Rising 😈

If you have 2 different modalities or even all 3 of them; you. Here, Iris is alive in your inner world with intense thoughts and feelings & it’s colours are many interesting hues of dark. You may feel, or think that you’re responding to forces beyond your control. Most well known for eccentric & outrageous roles . Margot has 2 interesting asteroids prominent.

sasha grey

You’re popular with people from all walks of life. You’re a leader because of your ability to intuitively predict future trends. This makes you a brilliant psychic or an astrologer, or any field that requires intuitive thinking & new perspectives. You’re a true genius, a pioneer & others need time to catch up to you. Saweetie is Libra Rising, IMO. She’s charming, elegant & a fashionista.