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Samantha Maxis

I made subtle changes; I used 4 bananas instead of 2 and for the 2 cups of flour I did 1 cup regular flour and 1 cup wheat flour. They came out a bit greasy, but I wonder if I made them smaller; they’d cook faster and I wouldn’t have to leave them in as long. Something yummy to accompany them instead of powered sugar…try sugar free raspberry jam. It was so good and cuts the sugar even more and adds a bit more fruit to it. That night, Samantha returned home from work to find Lena passed out on the couch and Kara still there, having arrived earlier to check up on Lena.

Sharing a meaningful glance with her adoptive mother, Sam grabbed the beacon, instantly deducing the crystal was the key she had been looking for. Samantha drove to her adoptive mother Patricia Arias’ home for the first time in 12 years. Over tea, Patricia tried to make conversation with her adoptive daughter, but they ended up having an argument. Sam was angry at her adoptive mother for kicking her out and refusing to lend any support when she had Ruby whilst Patricia maintained that she did what was best for her. When asked why she had even come, Sam wondered if she did anything strange growing up, such as lifting heavy objects or not sustaining injuries from bad falls, which Patricia denied.

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She thanked Kara for staying and the two reflected on how the situation is taking a toll on Lena. Offhandedly veering the subject to the restless nights that they have both been having and sensing kinship within one another (oh, they have no idea…), the two women banded together to investigate the lead poisoning. Using the information gathered by Kara and L-Corp’s medical team, they tried to figure out if there was a pattern with the affected kids, but the victims were scattered. Sam decided to follow a lead on finances for the children’s parents, pulling them up from on laptop in a matter of minutes, impressing Kara. The two noticed that all the families bought food during Octoberfest at Frances Park on the same day, and wondered if something the children ate made them sick. I just made these at work for my co-workers simply because I had some ripe bananas to use up.

  • Samantha’s eyes glow red as she receives the memories of “Reign”.
  • To help with the loneliness, Weaver offered Maxis a rottweiler and was now permitted to walk around the grounds twice daily.
  • After taking some time to gather her bearings, Samantha underwent another electric shock.
  • The hologram coldly stated that Ruby was an “error” which delayed the full manifestation of Sam’s powers, much to the latter’s anger.
  • However, Requiem Senior staff decided to take away her radio as she was deemed too unstable following outbursts against medical staff.

After studying Reign’s DNA, Lena explained to Samantha that a specific enzyme may be triggering the former’s transformation. In order to isolate it, Lena warned Sam she needed to stimulate her pain receptors by using electric shocks to bring Reign out, as they don’t have time to come up with an alternative solution. Sam agreed, determined to be rid of her Worldkiller half for good. As Lena delivered the first round of electricity at 500 volts, Sam screamed in pain for a few seconds before being transported to the Dark Valley again as Reign emerged. In the dark forest, she came face to face with the physical manifestation of her alternate personality.

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She and Alex then briefly discussed Ruby, with Samantha mentioning her dread at her daughter becoming a teenager. As Lena presented the statue, a powerful tremor suddenly started. During the confusion, Samantha and Ruby were separated and a metal tower collapsed, pinning Ruby to the ground. As Samantha rushed to her daughter and screamed for help, she somehow lifted the enormous, heavy beam by herself, crushing its metal with her bare hands. Samantha and Ruby then watched in awe along with the rest of the onlookers as Supergirl lifted the attacker’s submarine out of the water.

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Watch Samantha Fish Up Close Performing “Gone for Good” on a Gibson Firebird.

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