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Roxanne Wolf

He was ecstatic to see with Roxy’s eyes, but Gregory wondered about Roxy’s vision out loud. Feeling horrified toward his friend, Glamrock Freddy asked if Roxy was alright and Gregory tried to change the subject to placate him. During her boss battle, the player must lead Roxanne across the boarded-up doors within the management rooms in the raceway. Every time Roxanne nears Gregory, she will attempt to leap towards him in order to kill him, but by dodging her before she pounces she can break through the boarded doors. After reaching a room burning with flames, Roxy will attempt to corner Gregory, but by breaking into the vent he can escape from Roxy.

Roxanne Wolf Gregory, she will attempt

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Unlike most animatronics, she has light gray/purple hair going down her back, alongside a green clump curling up and then back down over her forehead. Similar to the other Glamrocks, Roxanne has leg warmers, however unlike the other ones, she has an additional set on her arms. Roxanne Wolf aimlessly wanders around the Pizzaplex until spotting Gregory, in which she will chase after him. If the player is hiding or is near her, she will sniff to try and find where Gregory is, making it harder for him to stay hidden.

Chica And Roxy

Roxanne Wolf bares resemblance to both Twisted Wolf and the unnamed wolf from Freddy in Space 2.Though unconfirmed, this could imply they are different versions of the same character. When Roxy is shattered, she is no longer capable of seeing Gregory, and as such it’s safe to sneak in front of her. However, her hearing is enhanced further, and a single movement can often cause her to turn around and run directly towards the player. In her shattered state, she is capable of pouncing into and destroying boards if baited into them.

She meets her ‘fate’ when Gregory attempts to flee the raceway via one of her go-carts. However, she jumps in front of him to prevent him from driving towards the exit. Gregory doesn’t stop, and instead jumps out of the moving cart.