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Raquel “rocky” Santiago

After being bullied as a child for her weight, Kiyanna developed a thick skin at an early age and harbors a lot of resentment. By the time she was 13, she had been suspended from school nearly ten times. But this Bad Girl also has big dreams; she’s fresh out of college with a degree in psychology and hopes to one day become a matchmaker. Kiyanna admits she may have abandonment issues, so she wants to repair her relationship with her dad and find a way to channel her anger.

  • Born and raised in Uzbekistan, Sayyora moved to the U.S. as a teenager.
  • She has nieces named Sophia Mae and Marissa and a nephew.
  • An aspiring lawyer, she loves to argue but knows she needs to work on always correcting people and putting them in their place.
  • This bad girl gets the thrill from the forbidden and is always pushing the envelope.
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Season 13: Redemption

This proclaimed “Queen of the Hood” can regularly be found partying in the D.C. Seven sparks a flame in everyone she meets but good luck trying to pin this smooth operator down. The only thing holding back the otherwise capable Seven is her out-of-control temper. She is a natural born ring leader and plans on running the bad girl loft. Growing up in a small town, this rocker chick stands out with her pink tipped blonde hair, sexy style and wild persona. Francesca loves boys but the last thing this spitfire wants is a boyfriend.

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She is unabashedly bold and often rubs people the wrong way. This Bad Girl often cuts people off before they can hurt her, and hopes her time in the BGC loft will help her gain a healthier perspective on life and prove she is more than a product of her environment. This firecracker fashionista is always ready to party. A proud east coaster, Deshayla thinks west coasters are boring and weak, but that won’t stop her from hooking up with her roommates as she doesn’t discriminate by area code.

About Rocky

Her over-the-top behavior can definitely rub people the wrong way. Admitting that she has a quick-trigger temper, she knows she needs to work on learning to “shut her mouth.” This east coaster is in for a rude awakening as she has never lived with roommates. Randy Gerard Legaspi Santiago is a Filipino actor, comedian, television host, singer, songwriter, producer, director and entrepreneur. He is the older brother of Raymart Santiago, Rowell Santiago and Reily Pablo L. Santiago Jr.

Josiah-Jordan James Confirms Decision Regarding Future Status – Rocky Top Insider

Josiah-Jordan James Confirms Decision Regarding Future Status.

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