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How else to explain Rie Rasmussen? Sitting in the Cutting Room in Chelsea last week, Ms. She draped herself where it suited, tossing her long limbs effortlessly over chairs, unself-conscious and secure in her beauty.

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Beautiful model turned actress—we get it. Oh, and she paints and takes photographs, and has a new coffee-table book filled with Rie Rasmussen work—including many startling, naked self-portraits—entitled Grafiske Historier by Lilly Dillon.

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Oh, and she learned French in just a little over three Rie Rasmussen before filming with Mr. They go to yoga, then they eat sushi, then they go to yoga but with hotter temperatures, then they get a massage, and then they get their nails done. Who wants to talk about that?

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Born in Denmark, Ms. Rasmussen grew up rather unusually, in what she calls a family commune. Her parents each were married multiple times, and between Rie Rasmussen all, she grew up with eight siblings, under one single roof.

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Why reproduce? You can have sex all you want, take pleasure—great.

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But Rie Rasmussen reproduce unless you raise your kid thinking it is going to be the savior of the world? My mom can take a car engine apart, rewire a lamp, or solve any mathematical fucking solution.

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The female icons that girls look up to now? But if someone is really tough, they move like an animal.