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Angelique Boyer

The girls send Jake back to wait in the car, while they go inside. His main functions seem to be getaway car driver and plucky comic relief.

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When they get inside, Raquel flicks out her extendable metal baton thing, Riann Steele Amy picks up a rolling pin. She hangs up and gets ready to put her son to bed. All four of them spot each other at the same time.

Nicole Curtis

Raquel and Amy agree. Amy goes to get the school muffins out of the oven.

Performer of the Week: Riann Steele

Mercy puts her son into bed, and tells him to stay there, no matter what. Raquel tumbles down the stairs, where Amy finds her a moment Riann Steele.

Debbie Gibson

She finds her in the playroom. They fight and wrestle, using the toys as weapons. The rolling pin is less useful than one would expect, as is the toy knife.

Talk to the Talent – Jonathan Tucker, Riann Steele

The giant stuffed snake, however, is quite helpful. Amy stabs Mercy in the chest with a toy fighter plane. Mercy smashes Amy in the face, grabs her son, and gets out of the house.

Jill Ireland

She was especially pissed that they put her son in danger. Mercy and the boy go stay with Callum.

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