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NXT stars being buried after their call up has become such a common occurrence that it’s now referred to as the "Call Up Curse.

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The Four Horsewomen, on the other hand, have done pretty well for themselves. Once on the main roster, they experienced limited success, only to be booked further and further away from the championship scene.

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In Joe’s case, injuries and a Wellness Policy violation didn’t help may Rhea Ripley ended his in-ring career too soon. He’s never found his way back to the hunt for that Rhea Ripley, though now that he’s back in NXT he’s nowhere near that title, either. Bobby Roode, another NXT Champion, has been booked so poorly on the main roster that fans often have to be reminded that he still works there.

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Now that he’s back in Japan, Kenta is reminding the world why he was such an incredible signing for NXT in the first place. There’s seemingly no rhyme or reason for who retains a push on the main roster other than Vince McMahon deciding you’ve got what it takes — though he seems Rhea Ripley be missing the boat a lot lately.

Biana Belair’s arrival on Raw should have been a huge deal given Rhea Ripley athleticism, skill and popularity.

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Shayna Baszler has had it even worse, going from wrestling Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 36 to riding the pine in catering in a matter of weeks. Somehow, Rhea Rhea Ripley career now seems to be on a similar trajectory without ever being called up to the main roster.

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Ripley became the first, and so far only, woman to hold both championships. Fans wanted the match, but what they didn’t want was what came next. The general expectation was that Ripley would win at WrestleMania, cementing her as a main Rhea Ripley player for years to come.

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There were rumors that Ripley had to drop the title due to visa issues, but she has rebuffed those claims. But without the visa issues, sacrificing her career to grow Charlotte’s legend makes little to no Rhea Ripley from outside the WWE. Much like Asuka before her, Ripley went into a WrestleMania match against "The Queen" with all the momentum in the world behind her Rhea Ripley and was handed a loss she never should have had.

Despite winning several titles and accolades since then, WWE is still struggling to book Asuka correctly.

Now, the exact same thing seems to be happening with Rhea Ripley, only without her having to leave NXT. It was an outstanding bout that saw Io Shirai finally crowned as the champion. Charlotte returned to Raw to feud with Asuka, and is now on a leave of absence to deal with surgery that will keep her out of the ring until at least Rhea Ripley.

Rhea Ripley: Intense Workouts Fueled WrestleMania Victory

Ripley, on the other hand, has now been left feuding with Robert Stone and his new client, Aliyah. While Stone’s recent run has been cartoonish and comical, adding Ripley into the mix was not. She just had a terrible handicap match against the duo on the first night of The Great American Bash, which all of Ripley’s fans are hoping is not a sign of things to come for the Aussie. Just Rhea Ripley few months ago, Ripley was a juggernaut of a superstar who could do no wrong.

That being said, at least Ripley is still wrestling. If she had been called up to Raw, recent history suggests she would probably have just ended up Rhea Ripley her heels in catering with Bianca Belair and Shayna Baszler.